Healthy Living Starter Kit

An Accessible and Inspiring Place To Begin or Reignite Your Health Journey

In this video-based course along with the beautifully designed guide, you'll enjoy eight modules that will inspire you in your health journey. 

The Healthy Living Starter Kit focuses on:

  • Cultivating successful habits
  • Tips for veggie prep
  • Improving and supporting immune health
  • Improved sleep
  • Rewiring the brain for happiness
  • Healthier cell phone habits
  • Cleaning up your beauty care
  • Cultivating a healthy home

You will also receive a template to help you plan out and execute the areas you deem most important to you right now.

This is the place to start!

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Bring from scratch cooking into your home kitchen with this fun and accessible self-paced course.

Module 1: The Basics Of From-Scratch Cooking And Ditching The Packages
  • What is from scratch cooking
  • The foundation of culinary nutrition
  • What to look for on ingredient labels
  • How to reduce packaging waste and food waste

Module 2: Power Batch Hacks

  • Health and eco friendly food storage options
  • Keeping your fridge organized
  • Simple batch prep hacks to save time and reduce food waste
  • How to hide veggies in simple recipe

Module 3: Breakfast

  • Simple from scratch dairy-free milk options
  • Batch prepping tips for basic breakfast staples
  • The best homemade cereal ever
  • Making breakfasts nutritionally dense and delicious 

Module 4: Dips And Dressing

  • Convincing reasons to never need boxed salad and ready made dressing again
  • Quick and easy salad dressing formula to up the nutrition
  • Hiding veggies in your favourite dips and sauces
  • Infinite variations for your favourite dips that go on everything

Module 5: Broths And Soups

  • Hidden ingredients to avoid in store bought stocks
  • Repurpose veggies scraps for soups
  • Flavour and nutrient rich stocks and broths made so easy
  • How to make soups into one pot super meals

Module 6: Easy Lunch And Dinner

  • Power bowl meals with infinite variations for packed lunches or at home dinners
  • Adding customization options for easier family mealtime
  • What to have ready to go in your fridge to get meals on the table faster
  • One pot meals to set and forget
  • Comfort food made with whole ingredients

Module 7: Simple Sweets

  • The best homemade gluten-free cookie ever with infinite variation options
  • Basic homemade chocolate without any fillers
  • Review of everything learned
  • Inspiration to get started and keep going, learning, and feeding yourselves and your family the best you can

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