Healthy at Home

Well this is fun!

This is one of the most powerful and transformative learning experiences you will have. You will be informed and empowered to make simple swaps that you only need to do once. This is a profoundly important and rarely explored area of optimal health. 

You will be guided room-by-room through your home and shown how you can improve the health of your home whether you own or rent.

Healthy at Home is a comprehensive course that offers tips and tricks to help guide in your transition and includes: 

  • Instant access to full course with registration
  • A full tour of our home 
  • 32 high definition, professionally shot and edited videos 
  • A room-by-room breakdown of what to look out for, along with healthier options
  • Demonstration of 12 non-toxic home-care recipes 
  • Product & brand recommendations to save you time
  • Over 100 curated resources, and references
  • Downloadable checklists to help you ease into the transition
  • Ongoing access to all course materials (min. 12 months)

(Warning: once you start down the path of learning with us, your whole life may become a little more awesome)

What People Are Saying:

Josh & Meghan - Thanks SO much for such a fabulous class!! Such detailed valuable information that we will treasure for a lifetime! I've been researching this info for years as I have chemical sensitivities. It was so helpful that you've done ALL this amazing research, narrowing it down for us, and delivering it in this GREAT concise package!

Renae Carmicino

Josh and Meghan are in my eyes, the Dynamic Duo. You have made learning fun, educational and inspiring to learn more. The content is pertinent to such a wide variety of the population (not just to a specific age group), and the stories and laughter that you to bring on during the videos are the best. I do lots of self-educating through the internet, but you two are my favourite team. Neither of you claim to know everything, but wow - do you two know A LOT! You’re both very inspiring and a pleasure to learn from.

Marla Shoom

$198.00 USD

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