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Add Fermentation Skills To Your Learning!

Add Fundamentals of Fermentation and learn how to ferment veggies, brew kombucha, make fermented nut cheeses and more for only $98 $68!


Everyday Herbal

Well this is fun!

Enjoy 7 incredible herbal classes with Meghan and Josh. Each module offers a breakdown of the top 4-5 herbs to address a specific needs and you'll complete this course knowing: 

  • How to integrate medicinal herbs into everyday cooking
  • The role herbs can play in optimal health
  • How to make your own internal and external herbal remedies
  • Following and customizing herbal base recipes using the herbs that meet your personal needs
  • Formulating your own herbal remedies
  • Enhancing your health with homemade, safe and effective herbal remedies

(Warning: once you start down the path of learning with us, your whole life may become a little more awesome)

What People Are Saying:

Never stop learning! Another incredible culinary journey in the books! My customized, digestive and anxiety-supportive herbal applications are now a seamless part of my 1:1 Holistic Nutritional Protocols!

Jessica Pecush

Everyday Herbal was a great course. I had fun in the nutrition lab creating herbal recipes like elderberry syrup, decoctions, infused oils, and infused honey, etc.

Candice Cullen