The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

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Next Level Training In Culinary Nutrition

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is an in-depth, life transformative learning experience that is offered for personal interest at your own pace.

You will acquire practical, everyday, natural cooking skills along with a deeper exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat, how we prepare them and how to effectively share this knowledge and skills with others.

This program can enhance prior training in natural health, or serve as your first introduction to the field.

We are the global leader in culinary nutrition training.
There is nothing else like it.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use your kitchen with confidence to cook for yourself, your family, clients or patients.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of different dietary protocols.
  • Explore new flavours and foods with delicious original recipes influenced by traditional diets and therapeutic foods.
  • Be empowered to teach culinary nutrition skills to your own students or patients.
  • Develop healing meal plans for specific dietary needs and health conditions of your choosing.
  • Create your own from-scratch recipes and master recipe development.
  • How to take an evidence-based research approach to health issues and the connection to diet and lifestyle.
  • Know the steps to creating meal plans that adhere to specific dietary needs or health conditions.
  • How to put together and execute cooking classes and workshops.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge about the nutritional value of therapeutic ingredients.
  • How to coach individuals towards more health-supportive eating habits.
  • Connect with a worldwide, amazingly supportive community of Culinary Nutrition Experts.
  • Unparalleled community cheerleading.

Lead The Way

Get the most in-depth education in culinary nutrition, cooking, health, therapeutic nutrition, and vibrant living. You will also be guided and coached on how to be the teacher, the leader, and the go-to expert in your community.

Professional Level Experience

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is the only program to offer this kind of online training,  at a professional level with care and detail in every aspect.

Applied Learning, Applied Eating!

Where else can you eat your homework? We learn in various ways and one of the best is when we learn something and then immediately put it into practice. The practical teachings in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program curriculum ensure that the information is retained.

Live What You Learn

The way our program is delivered, you are living what you’re learning and will be amazed by your own personal transformation through the experience of this program.


A New Way Of Learning

Discover the power that comes from gaining confidence in the kitchen and know how to use food to nourish yourself, your family and your clients for optimal health.

This 100% online program includes:

  • A world-class, kind, supportive, and generous community of like-minded health, nutrition, and culinary enthusiasts
  • A highly engaged and active community to share their knowledge and skills and cheer you on
  • Video-based teaching through professionally produced cooking demonstration and lecture-based modules
  • Accompanying supportive materials (course notes, recipes, and other resources)
  • Guided curriculum from start to finish, with the recommendation of completion over five months.
  • Quarterly Community Connect Sessions with program founder
  • Home study & cooking assignments

Who Is This Program For?

Health Care Professionals

  • Holistic/Natural nutritionists
  • Health coaches
  • Dietitians
  • Professional caregivers
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Medical doctors
  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

Those Who Want To Broaden Their Skillset

  • Committed individuals with a keen personal interest in food and nutrition
  • Parents
  • School teachers and ECE professionals
  • Yoga teachers
  • Fitness trainers
  • Bodywork specialists
  • You!

I made the choice to nourish my body with foods that it can recognize and thrive with, this course and training did that and more. To me understanding brings power and knowledge peace! Now I have the understanding to incorporate ingredients in the most fascinating way that works, my souls desire was fulfilled. Meghan is the most fun teacher that radiates a passion for wholesome foods that impacted me and my family in the most positive way! This was the best investment to our health!

- Helen Abedelhadi

Canada, 2021 Student

This course offered everything I was looking for in order to integrate my functional nutrition knowledge and love for all things culinary. While I was challenged by the course, I am now well prepared to use this course material moving forward with my passion.....educating others on how to shop, prepare and cook delicious and nutritious food while educating them on how this impacts the state of their health. And now, I am connected to this wonderful community for support and inspiration!


- Marilyn Castrignano

USA, 2022 Student


This was one of the best decisions I made to take this course. I took the course out of curiosity and ended up learning so much more than I expected. Meghan's teaching style kept me glued to want to learn more. I loved the professionalism of this course and the way the whole team works as one. Meghan makes learning fun and interesting. This program exceeded my expectations. The course kept me on my toes all through but the end result was totally worth it.

- Simran Gosain

India, 2015 Student

You Should Experience This

In the words of some of our graduates


We proudly celebrate a global community of more than 3,000 students in over 75 countries.


How Is This Program Delivered?


This program is 100% online, with self-paced instant access.

Enroll with instant access to the course with our self-paced honorary options and take the course at your pace with a full 12-months access.

How Does The Self-Paced Program Work?

  • Upon registration you will receive instant access to your student dashboard.
  • You will proceed through the welcome/introduction part of the course where you will discover our recommended path through the program.
  • You will then have access to the first course module. You will access subsequent modules by completing the quiz and moving on.
  • You are invited to proceed through the course materials, completing the quizzes at your own pace.
  • Upon completion of all module videos and quizzes, you will earn a certificate of completion on the course (this is not a certificate of expertise).
  • You will have access to the course content for 12 months from date of purchase.
  • You *will not* be submitting assignments for feedback.
  • You *will not* be earning the designation of Culinary Nutrition Expert.

You can join us from anywhere in the world. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

The success of this program and the results of our students rests on the immersive, multi-faceted teaching style that supports various ways of learning including visual learning through videos, reading, hands-on practice, and research on personal areas of interest.

Primary Program Components

1. Course Video Modules

There are 11 core modules in the program,  (approximately 90 minutes each), which you are invited to enjoy and complete the quiz that follows them. Each module is accompanied by course notes and recipes. Once a module is released, you have continued 24/7 access for 12 months from your date of registration. These professionally produced course videos provide an information-packed, engaging, and humour-filled learning experience.

2. Quarterly Coaching + Connection Sessions

Once per quarter  you will connect with other active students and alumni through live coaching Q&A sessions. You will also have a space online to connect with your fellow students and alumni in our private community group.

3. Hands-On Cooking

Hands-on cooking is an important component of the program and with cooking assignments in every module, you will surprise yourself at how your skills and knowledge develop. This is your opportunity to take what you see in the course modules and create in your own kitchen. All of the recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free with additional modification options for specific dietary needs.

4. Immersion In Your Topic Of Choice

The written assignment component of the program invites you to choose a topic that is of personal or professional interest and dive deeply with the support of the community.  Students are invited to choose a health condition or health-related topic to focus on for the duration of their time in the program.


The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program was educational, motivating and fun! I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and am excited to add this specialty to my practice. It gave me a new skill set that I can share with my clients and family. I loved learning new recipes and healthy substitutions for the body and home. This program brought out my passion for the culinary arts of healing foods and herbal medicine. You will not regret taking this program!

- Felica Alers

USA, 2015 Student

I enjoyed this program so much. I am an experienced cook, but this program challenged me to try foods new to me and to make things I hadn't thought to do before. I've always read about nutrition, but this course helped me organize my thoughts and create my own food philosophy. And now I have a name for the way I take recipes and alter them or simply look in the fridge and create a dish from what I have available. I am a recipe creator!

- Lillian Hill

USA, 2022 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program was an amazing experience, it was an incredible learning and working hard experience, very well explained by Meghan and Josh plus the support of Melanie was great. I really enjoyed trying new flavors and playing with spices, it changed my life since I am not afraid of the kitchen anymore!

- Ximena Martel

Mexico, 2017 Student

The program completely exceeded my expectations. Most importantly it definitely upped my game in terms of my nutrition coaching business. Now I'm able to help my clients apply what I teach them in the kitchen with some very useful cooking lessons.

- Cecilia Yu

Thailand, 2019 Student

I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist with an undergraduate in Kinesiology and a Holistic Nutritionist. This was by far the best program I have done and is so applicable to my career. It answers all of the questions clients and others ask me on a regular basis. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to further their education in culinary skills with an emphasis on REAL and healthful foods. Meghan backs everything up with research (which I love) and delivers it with her amazing personality. It was money very well spent.

- Julie Watson

Canada, 2018 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program completely surpassed my expectations. I started the program to improve my knowledge about nutrition and finished with a desire to share this great information with others. The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is professionally designed and very effective regardless of your culinary background or training. Meghan and team have been great allies in my journey.

- Darrin Kahn

USA, 2020 Student

Curriculum Breakdown

The knowledge shared in this program can be applied to everyday living, to improve your professional development, or inspire you to pursue a total business kick-start.

Our goal is that you complete this training feeling inspired, empowered, and confident in your skills.


The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is not a walk in the park, but that is part of what makes it so worthwhile. It is structured, demanding and expects a high standard of work and focus. You will emerge from it a better cook, with a far greater understanding of nutrition and also with new-found confidence. This is guaranteed, no matter how basic or advanced your current knowledge is! If can you, grab the opportunity to sign up.

- Cam Shakleton

South Africa, 2022 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! Not only is it really fun, but it's so interesting and informative. It's very practical and hands on. All the teaching is evidence-based and this is the philosophy they adopt throughout, which is very much appreciated by me with having a science background myself. If you are thinking of doing it then don't have any doubts, dive in and give it your all. You won't regret it.

- Lindsay Turner

Canada, 2014 Student

This program would be helpful to anyone willing to learn about culinary nutrition, from the professional to the amateur. As much as it is challenging, it is 100 times rewarding. The team at ACN and the wonderful community is the cherry on top.

- Arwa Alturkait

Kuwait, 2019 Student


Career Opportunities

As our world is under an intense period of change, people are waking up to the reality that health comes above all else. Now, more than ever, we can start a business with little more than a laptop and an internet connection and, just like that, we have access to the world! People are hungry for what our graduates have to share.

For this game-changing reason, career options become limited only by your own imagination.

Today Is The Day! Anything Is Possible.

What we strive to offer you in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is applied nutrition skills that take nutrition out of the clinic or office setting and into the place where real change can happen – the kitchen, whether that be the actual kitchen or through online coaching, consulting, teaching, and more.

If you are contemplating a career in nutrition, or already have a foundation and are looking to fill in the gaps by adding cooking, therapeutic nutrition, recipe creation, meal planning, workshop and cooking class hosting, or simply to be able to offer your clients better-applied nutrition skills, then you are in the right place.

This program works for you whether you are looking to kickstart a new career in nutrition, take your current business or practice to the next level, or want to bring more applied culinary nutrition expertise into your current role.

People who complete the full course of study have the skills to:

  • Expand their existing coaching business
  • Run cooking workshops and classes
  • Corporate consulting for hotels and conference centers
  • Create education programs in schools
  • Create advocacy programs for healthier lunches
  • Write for magazines, blogs, and newspapers
  • Perform recipe testing for cookbook authors and/or magazines
  • Create customized and balanced meal plans
  • Cook/cater at private dinners, events, or execute a meal delivery service
  • Recipe development
  • Cookbook writing
  • Work with families to build healthier relationships with food
  • Assist in research and writing on food/nutrition topics for leading health experts
  • Host retreats
  • Create food products and bring them to market
  • Do product development for other brands
  • Use your background in culinary nutrition to support brands in copywriting, recipe development, community management and more
  • Become a better nutritionist, nurse, health coach, dietitian, naturopath, or doctor!


Your health and that of your family is the investment of a lifetime that gives back every single day.

The purpose of this program is to empower you to be self-sufficient in the realm of culinary nutrition. We’ve taken hundreds of hours of content and edited it down to create the most effective, easy to follow, demonstration-based training.

Your experience in this program has incredible lifelong value whether you are applying it to your life, to your business, or perhaps both!

Included With Registration

Over 30 Hours of Culinary Nutrition Video Training

This is the most comprehensive program of its kind. Through the program modules, you can watch the step-by-step demonstration of over 80 gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, filmed and edited in high-definition professional quality. We also include two lecture-based courses that hone in on some of the foundational concepts of culinary nutrition. This video content is only available as part of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. The modules are released at your pace. Once you complete one module and take the quiz, you'll move on to the next.  Once you are granted access to a program module, you have ongoing access to the content for 12 months from your date of access. All videos are closed captioned.

Included with all registration options.

Over 200 Pages Of Fully Referenced Course Notes

To enhance the program videos, we’ve highlighted key information in a comprehensive collection of course notes. The downloadable course notes are organized by module, making it very easy to follow along and make any additional notes you might want to include for yourself.

The course notes include:

  • module summaries
  • handy reference guides
  • sample meal plans
  • worksheets
  • templates
  • additional recommended resources

Reviewing these notes before and after the video modules helps to deepen your understanding of the material and be better able to apply it to your own life and business.

Included with all registration options.

Program Recipe Guide

The majority of the recipes for the program are demonstrated in the video-based modules (closed captioning provided). To make it easy to follow along, we include a Program Recipe Guide that provides details on key culinary nutrition skills. We provide references to where these recipes can be found and in which video module the recipes are demonstrated. With over 80 gluten-free and dairy-free recipes carefully selected for their culinary nutrition health qualities, techniques, ingredients and flavours, you’ll have the opportunity to really get in the kitchen and play.

Included with all registration options.

Live Quarterly Coaching + Community Connect Sessions

Join members of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program community for live sessions hosted by Meghan  roughly four times per year. This is your chance to connect directly with members of the community. Here you'll have the opportunity to get to know alumni and fellow active students, deep dive on current hot topics, have your questions answered and learn from the community. These classes are filled with loads of information, great resource sharing, many laughs and lots of learning! These live video sessions are recorded and can be accessed as long as you have course access.

Included with cohort registration option

Video Tutorials From Head Program Coach for All Assignments

With each assignment, there is a pre-recorded video from our Head Program Coach to walk you through the details of the assignments, and answer any lingering questions you may have. These motivational and informative videos are completely optional to view at any time throughout the duration of the program.

Included with all registration options.

Bonus Access In Our Private Community

Enjoy access to our private community hub where you can connect with Culinary Nutrition Experts and community members.

Included with all registration options.

Today Is The Day T-Shirt

Every great team needs its uniform and ours is the signature Today Is The Day T-Shirt. These shirts are made with 100% cotton and are sent in your welcome packages upon registration. These are not for sale and only available to enrolled students.

Included with all registration levels and available for students able to receive packages via mail in their country. Additional shipping fees may apply and students will be notified in advance if this is the case.

Super Bonus Now Included:
The CulinaryOne Pass

What Is The CulinaryOne Pass?

 Now included with registration in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program are 10 additional offerings 

This bundle ties a bow around our most popular culinary nutrition offerings and includes a Learning Roadmap to guide you through the process. It includes:

  • Self-Paced level of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program
  • Everyday Herbal
  • Everyday Culinary Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of Fermentation
  • 6-part Live From The Kitchen Series
  • 4-Part Wildly Simple Series
  • 4-Part Summer Series
  • Resilience Masterclass
  • Community Learning Hub with 40+ classes on a variety of topics
  • Culinary Nutrition Conference Interviews
  • Access to our community hub

These are all instant access / self-paced courses.

You will be granted access immediately upon registering.

Value: $3,790  
Included with your registration!


The way this course is designed works as a charm! I learned alot in many aspects my health, my business, knowledge I learnt to be my own expert, and advocate of health. Despite having a bachelor degree in food and nutrition, this course in this short time taught me more skills and knowledge that was more beneficial for me and my business.

- Haneen Alasiri

Saudi Arabia, 2022 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has changed my life. I can now cook fantastic healthy meals and snacks for myself and my wife knowing every ingredient I cook with and how those ingredients are health promoting. As well as being a professional triathlete, my nutrition demands are greater than most and I can fulfill those needs now with what I've learned. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their health, life, and learn how to use great ingredients to make great meals!

- Dusty Spiller

Canada, 2014 Student

As a holistic nutritionist, I took the program to focus more on creating dishes, meal plans and culinary nutrition to address specific health conditions, for both myself and my clients. What I gained was a world of culinary nutrition at it's best!  Everyone could benefit from taking this course. Whether you are a health practitioner, a parent looking to cook healthier for you and your family, whether your a caregiver looking to improve someone's else health, or share amazing nutrition on social media - this program is designed to be optimal for everyone.

- Marilia Pereira

Canada, 2017 Student

I cannot say enough great things about it. It taught me to understand the relationship between food and health, and so many practical skills. Last year I became a certified instructor, which has allowed me to teach culinary nutrition classes to amazing groups of people wanting to build up their health. Highly recommend this program!

- Sydney Zetune

USA, 2018 Student

This program gave me a lot of information about nutrition, new ingredients, and a lot of delicious recipes too. The opportunity of having live calls was awesome, I really like that part of the program. Additionally, having a coach gives a personalized, quick and closed support which is great, and the community helps you to have the courage to carry on and to share questions or good/bad experiences.

- Natalia Poveda

Brazil, 2016 Student

This transformative program effectively and enthusiastically educates you thoroughly about the healing powers of food. I see my health, my food, and my beauty care in an entirely new light. This program inspired me to not only change my lifestyle, but also my career path to one of teaching others about how powerfully healing food can be! Thank you, Meghan for creating such an amazing program that stretched my mind and confidence!

- Michelle Smith

USA, 2022 Student


Meet Your Instructors

Meet Meghan

The first cookbook I ever owned was called “Help, My Apartment Has A Kitchen” and I was well into my 20s when I got it. After using food and lifestyle changes to resolve an autoimmune diagnosis (and remain symptom-free since 2006), my mission in life is to empower others so that they too can transform their lives through healthy living. That starts with what is at the end of our forks.

I am in awe every day that what began as a 6-person cooking class around my kitchen table has evolved into this incredible global community. That what we share in this program is impacting tens of thousands of families around the world is what keeps me inspired to continue learning and sharing all I know in an inclusive, connected, and entertaining way.

Meet Josh

I am a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine specialist. Though my practice is based in Toronto, my client base extends worldwide. I have had the privilege of teaching clinical nutrition for several natural health colleges and am the first Canadian nutritionist to be accepted into and graduate from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

What sets me apart from most nutritionists is my passion for science and a thorough understanding of the human body, which enables me to treat the root cause of imbalance, rather than Band-Aid the symptoms. This allows me to understand the approach taken in conventional medicine, enables me to read blood work and essentially leverage the best of what modern science can offer, while working with the body’s natural healing mechanisms and using therapeutic nutrition as the key to healing.


I recommend this program to anyone interested in eating and cooking healthy. It is an intense course but what you will learn will help you and your loved ones live a healthier lifestyle and some more! Meghan is an inspiration and her personality and knowledge makes this course a unique experience. Also the community of Culinary Nutrition Expert students, alumni and coaches will make the experience even better! I totally recommend the program and I wish there is a Culinary Nutrition Expert Program part 2 in the future!

- María Dueño

Puerto Rico, 2020 Student

Meghan and her team really challenged us, but it was just enough to allow us to grow into the experts we are today! I learnt a lot about myself through these challenges, the wonderful support from my beautiful strong coach, and would sincerely do it all over again with no changes. It really changed my life.

- Dalal Beidoun

Kuwait, 2022 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program exceeded my expectations in many ways. The quality of the learning modules and in-depth coaching was very professional and fun. This is an invaluable tool. Going from conventional chef to Culinary Nutritional Chef has been a game-changer for our brand. Thanks to Meghan, Josh, and their Team.

- Michael Husinger

New Zealand, 2018 Student

The Greatest Investment Of All Is That Which Supports A Lifetime Of Health

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program offers invaluable knowledge and applied skills that can transform your life, and the lives of those who seek your guidance.


There is truly no better way to invest than in your health, and that is what this program is about. But we don’t stop there. 

The purpose of this program is to empower you to be fully self-sufficient in the realm of culinary nutrition. You are not only immersed in the knowledge, but also know where and how to dig deeper in any key area of interest, and how to break this information down and share it in a personal setting or at a professional level.

We’ve taken hundreds of hours of content and edited it down to create the most effective, easy to follow, demonstration-based training. Though it’s impossible to put a price on health and vitality, the content we share through this program has incredible value whether you are applying it to your life, to your business, or perhaps both!

Which Option Is Best For You?

We currently only have the self-paced option available. If you are committed to only doing a cohort/coached option, please send us an email at [email protected]. Please note that at this time, we do not currently have any plans to offer a cohort again, however if the demand is there, we may consider it for late 2024.

🎉 Great Choice 🎉


Most flexible

  • Flexible access. Cancel anytime  
  • Course modules
  • 200+ page referenced course notes
  • Access to full course materials
  • Curated learning resources
  • Weekly Quiz
  • Quarterly Calls with Meghan
  • CulinaryOne Pass classes (Everyday Herbal, Everyday Culinary Nutrition, Fundamentals of Fermentation, Live From The Kitchen Series, 4-Part Wildly Simple Series, 4-Part Summer Series, Resilience Masterclass, Community Learning Hub with 40+ classes on a variety of topics, Culinary Nutrition Conference Interviews)



🏆 Best Value 🏆

One Time Payment

Two Months Free!

  • 12 months access to everything*
  • Course modules
  • 200+ page referenced course notes
  • Access to full course materials
  • Curated learning resources
  • Weekly Quiz
  • Quarterly Calls with Meghan
  • CulinaryOne Pass classes (Everyday Herbal, Everyday Culinary Nutrition, Fundamentals of Fermentation, Live From The Kitchen Series, 4-Part Wildly Simple Series, 4-Part Summer Series, Resilience Masterclass, Community Learning Hub with 40+ classes on a variety of topics, Culinary Nutrition Conference Interviews)
  • Today Is The Day welcome package mailed to your door  


*Renewal fee of $388 for continued access after first year.

🧡 Deep Learning 🧡

The Cohort

Learn In a Group and Get Certified

  • 12 months access to everything*
  • Start with a group, and be accountable to your coach.
  • Get feedback and grading on assignments.
  • Earn your designation as a Culinary Nutrition Expert
  • Course modules
  • 200+ page referenced course notes
  • Access to full course materials
  • Curated learning resources
  • Weekly Quiz
  • Quarterly Calls with Meghan
  • CulinaryOne Pass classes (Everyday Herbal, Everyday Culinary Nutrition, Fundamentals of Fermentation, Live From The Kitchen Series, 4-Part Wildly Simple Series, 4-Part Summer Series, Resilience Masterclass, Community Learning Hub with 40+ classes on a variety of topics, Culinary Nutrition Conference Interviews)
  • Today Is The Day welcome package mailed to your door  



Please note, prices are listed exclusively in USD. We recognize this is not optimal for our Canadian students, but rest assured we took exchange rates into account when setting prices. As well, taxes will not be added on top of the prices outlined above. We are taking care of the taxes on our end. If you have any questions or would prefer to pay in CAD and have the taxes broken out for you, we will convert based on the day’s currency rate. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll reply within 2 business days.

Is The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Right For You?

We have high expectations of our students and as such, we want to ensure not just that we are the right fit for you, but also that you are up for and open to the wonderful opportunities that present themselves through being part of this program and that you’re prepared to do the work necessary to succeed.



Meet Some Of Our Graduates


I used to be so stumped about how to guide clients around making new food choices and meals that were full of healthful ingredients and tasted delicious. The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program breaks it down so perfectly that it is now seamlessly integrated into my practice as an emotional eating and body image coach, but also into my own food choices and meal choices. I love that I benefitted from the program professionally as well as personally!

- Amy Jones

USA, 2016 Student

Such a great program that covered so much in such a short period of time. The whole team was very helpful and super friendly. It actually exceeded my expectations. The way the program is broken down is very convenient and easy to get in tune with. At first I thought 3 months would be long, but honestly I would do it all over again, over a longer period of time.

- Hala Sweiss

Jordan, 2015 Student

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is transformational. As a forever student who has multiple degrees and certificates, somehow this program far surpasses the practicality and usefulness than most others. I did not expect to be continuing in the field of nutrition beyond my personal kitchen, but Meghan's passion along with staff and students are contagious. Would highly recommended this to anyone who eats!

- Waheema Asghar

Canada, 2022 Student