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60-Minute Insight and Advice Session

This is an audio only (by phone or Zoom), open session to use however you like or need. There is no preparation work done in advance. Most commonly clients will come to this session with a list of questions to explore with me and will leave feeling refreshed and re-inspired, with clarity and direction around some of the barriers or challenges that put a pause on their progress. An audio recording is provided.

Investment: $988 for 60 minutes.

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90-Minute Deep Dive Strategy Session

You will complete an intake form in advance of us meeting. I will review everything you provide and come to the meeting with ideas and recommendations tailored specifically for you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as we go and you will walk away inspired and re-ignited with a list of fresh ideas, and/or a to-do list to move things to the next stage. You will receive an audio recording of your consultation for personal reference use.

Investment: $1,888.

Intake form must be completed at least 1 week prior to the consultation date.

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Leadership Coaching for Founders and CEOs

Contrary to the trends in the entrepreneurship world, you can build a wildly successful company along with personal wealth without forever hustling and putting out fires (or creating them so you have something to put out). The charm of the new thing is alluring, but is it in alignment with the life you really want to be living now and in the future?

This offering is for founders and CEOs whose companies are beyond the $500K earning mark.

Become a Heart-Led leader and change the way you operate in business and in life.

Focus includes:

  • Business re-design, re-structure and re-imagining
  • How to attract, build and nurture your dream team
  • Build the skills and working style to become a truly magnetic leader
  • How to operate with compassion and succeed beyond measure because of it

Investment: A six month coaching committment at $5,000/month.

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Keynote and Interactive Workshops

Meghan is available for keynotes and presentations in person and online. 

Keynote Topics Include:

  • The Source of Confidence: Tapping In For Empowered Leadership
  • The Simple Secrets To A Wildly Successful Life
  • The Joyful Approach To Becoming A Magnetic Leader
  • Empowered Quitting
  • The Scam Of Scaling Up, The Joys of Scaling Down
  • Money Magic: A Simple Approach To Build Wealth and Retire Early

Interactive Workshop Topics:

  • Guided coherence workshop (45 minutes)
  • From Chaos, Creativity and Coherence (90 minutes)
  • Make It Happen: Goal Setting Workshop (2 hours)
  • Idea To Action: Productivity Workshop (4 hours)

Fee for in person events typically starts at $5,000* + private car transport to and from venue and/or air travel.

*There is room for exceptions based on the nature of the event, how close to home it is and how fun the vibe is going to be. Consider it a good vibe, local event speaking discount.

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Wedding Officiant

Meghan became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church in 2013. Officiating the wedding of your dreams is a special honour.

Offering non-denominational (aka traditional religion-free) ceremonies based on what the couple wants, Meghan creates a custom ceremony for you.

The planning includes a joint meeting (optimally in person) with the couple, and individual 'Love Calls' with each person separately.

The ceremony can include whatever the couple desires, including a group vow from those in attendance, a heart-centred coherence practice for the couple and more.

Service starts at $1,800

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Well, gosh this is nice.

Meghan is a Carebear in human form. Her big heart, positivity, vibrant energy, hilarious nature, and honesty are one of a kind. She was my instructor at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and recently the minister at my wedding. I could not have chosen a better person to solidify our love union. Meghan brings her whole self to everything she does while being authentically herself. 

Richard Blackwood

UX Designer

Having had huge success as an entrepreneur, Meghan understands the ever changing market and can troubleshoot and identify solutions through the foggy startup environment. She has a strong aptitude for marketing and is an incredible growth hacker.

Carly Stein

Founder, Beekeepers Naturals

I have witnessed Meghan’s evolution from when she was starting out as a nutritionist, creating her books, building her school and now as she moves into this next stage. With each step Meghan dares to do it differently, going beyond trends, tapping into her own inner compass to continue to create, inspire and lead from the heart.

Catherine Farquharson

Mindset Coach

Most people know Meghan for her delicious cooking, but her business acumen is what truly makes her stand out. She’s the perfect combination of oomph and heart.

Tero Isokaupilla

Co-Founder Four Sigmatic

Meghan's approach to conscious business is a breath of fresh air. It’s about creating value that resonates from the heart of the entrepreneur to the heart of the customer. In Meghan is the embodiment of doing it differently – where passion meets purpose, and your work-life balance doesn't feel like a tightrope walk. 

Ray Minato

President and CEO, Inertia

Meghan is a true heart-led leader, a pleasure to be around, easy to learn from and is definitely ahead of the curve on moving into the future of life and leadership

Shelli Baltman

President and Founding Partner, The Idea Suite

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