Hi, I'm Meghan

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, bestselling author, super-connector, vintage-obsessed, and heart-led in all pursuits. I am on a mission to empower you to shift how you operate and create the life (and world) of your dreams.


Hi, I'm Meghan

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, bestselling author, super-connector, vintage-obsessed, and heart-led in all pursuits. I am on a mission to empower you to shift how you operate and create the life (and world) of your dreams.



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The ego loves this part.

Meghan is a powerhouse entrepreneur who I admire. Not afraid to speak her mind, educate others on topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about and always coming up with innovative ideas to propel business forward, she is a leader in our industry.

- Joy McCarthy

Nutritionist, founder Hello Joyous

Meghan is showing the world that you can lead in a different way - from the heart. Her approach to business and life is shifting the paradigm of what’s possible. The work Meghan is sharing is what we all need more of right now.
She's changing the game and I love it.

- Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

ICU and PalliativeCare Physician, host Solving Healthcare

In an era where balance and authenticity are paramount, Meghan stands out as a beacon of heart-centered leadership. Her approach to business and life redefines success, blending visionary foresight with a grounded sense of well-being and ethical consciousness. It's more than just leadership; it's a blueprint for a fulfilling future.

- David Brady

Founder and CEO, Cream Productions Inc.


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Collection of Meghan's favourite posts.

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Discover the world of natural beauty care.

Ready For You

Best Of

Best paleo blogs, best rhubarb recipes- these are The Best lists.

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No nonsense business insights from two decades of entrepreneurship

I Mean Business

Culinary Nutrition

The healing power of herbs and food and how to enjoy the best everyday. 

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Ecological Care

The care that actually matters and makes a difference.

It Matters

Family Health

From pre-conception through to whole family health.

Feed That Family!


A bit of a catch all - from toxic tampons to phytoestrogens, it's all here.

Yes to Health!


The category that angers angry people. Arbonne? Nutella? Centrum?

Dig In And Learn!

Healthy Home

The most overlooked aspect of health. This is a fun dive in.

The Easy Upgrade

Heart + Mind

Dare to do it differently? Explore with me the power of the mind and heart.

Feel The Ease


What's cookin' good lookin'? All the recipes in one place.

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